Our Story

We started on our neighbors porches.

We are Down Home started by going door to door in neighborhoods and small towns just like yours. We had open, earnest conversations with our neighbors, asking them to help us identify what issues matter most to them as we build a North Carolina that works for all.

We are Down Home is a non for profit 501c3 charitable organization engaging in non-partisan advocacy work in our hometowns.

Down Home is member run

We are a community organization advocating for conditions and policies that support poor and working people of all races in small towns and rural communities in North Carolina.

Down Home is grassroots

We believe in bottom-up change: It is the people who live in our communities who can and must come together, organize, and take action.

“I sat in homes with people that didn’t look like me. I sat in homes with people who were older than me, who were younger than me. But we all have very similar issues.” -Kischa Peña, Down Home NC

“If we can figure out solutions to healthcare, to opioids, to giving people places to live, to making sure there are jobs, then we could respect one another and love one another more. We are gonna win no matter what as long as we stick together.”- Sam Wilds, Down Home NC

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