Healthcare for All

Everyone should be able to go to the doctor.

The 2020 pandemic showed us what we already knew: Our health is deeply interconnected with that of our neighbors.

Too many North Carolinians are uninsured, leaving them not only vulnerable to health issues but also to crippling medical debt. North Carolina’s uninsured rate of 11.3% (2019) is well above the national rate of 9.2%. There are 1,157,000 uninsured North Carolinians, including 142,000 children. 


We believe that everyone should have access to health care regardless of how wealthy or not they are. Our first step in North Carolina towards this goal is to expand Medicaid and close the coverage gap. 

Take Action: Medicaid Expansion Petition

There is one immediate step our state can take! If North Carolina expanded Medicaid, over 600,000 people living in the coverage gap could be insured. 

Get Involved: Health Care Working Group

When we go door to door, healthcare is one of the top issues for our rural neighbors. Join the fight for healthcare access by joining our working group.

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